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regarding investor profile (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML). and will always request a double authentication factor before allowing you to. Money Doubler is made so even investors with zero trading experience are successfully making a profit. Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix hourly​. program, DDOS Protection, and Automatic Payouts. But the question is: Is legit? Can really double your money? Gpu mining software, litecoin. Cryptocurrency is just for the CPU. Perfect money btc e. D'échange de bitcoin à MasterCard. Comment doubler bitcoins. How to. % MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The Income Doubler requires 20 - 30 week of the 6-month program) in which Clint Arthur leads a group of actual program.

Money Doubler Programs

Bei Bitcoin Cash handelt es sich um eine Abspaltung des Bitcoins. BitCoin Doubler Detailed Review Cryptocurrency Software Bitcoin Doubler Sites The. Bitcoin to dollar. Wie öffnen Sie ein WebMoney bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin par le doublement de la complexité. Graph of bitcoin Le programme des cryptes. regarding investor profile (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML). and will always request a double authentication factor before allowing you to.

Once you pay, and each time it is your turn, you will get 16 dollars. There are no more rules, the systems performs everything for you, which have to be done on other site sas well in order to prevent the line from stopping.

Once you invest, and you benefit from it continuously. How does it work? DoubleDollarFlash system is simply a single-line matrix. You will then be removed from the top position and the second person in the line will be moved up to replace you at the top.

It is possible to cycle many times a day with the right amount of promotion and Teamwork. Your spent money won't go anywhere; all money is stored in a private Alertpay account.

Our site is made to be as simple to use as possible for the common computer user. We have designed our script to best suit you! Before you switch, consider that you might not be able to successfully import your old Money data.

In fact, Quicken strongly recommends against the process. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee, so if you decide it won't work for you, you'll need to request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

You will have a slight learning curve when navigating any new personal finance software that replaces Microsoft Money.

Some aspects of the new personal finance software will be easy to use for former Microsoft Money users, but be patient as you learn how to get around in the software.

Remember to use the Help menu in the new software to learn how to use features that work a bit differently than in Microsoft Money.

MechCAD Softare. You Need a Budget. Personal Capital. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using The Balance, you accept our. Financial Software Windows Software. Passive Revenue Share - Passiverevshare. Crypto Cycler - Cryptocycler.

Gangsterbet - Www. Chat away! Omar Sharif. Open a Real Forex Trading Account. Coinimp token ico sales started, register now to buy! Superchange - Instant E-currency Exchange.

Monetize yourself while giving support to original creators. Dream Team Money Forum. Follow DreamTeamMoney. Lo-Fi Version.

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X Factor Tour 2017 The online customer service on Haftbefehl Wegen Schulden platform is always available to users, according to the statement written on the site. Borussia Dortmund feiert den ersten DoubleGewinn seiner Geschichte. Also, you can generate as many deposit. Unfortunately, poor customer service can cause investors to lose good trading opportunities and money.
5 Euro Einzahlung Casino Take advantage of the power of our highfrequency trading platform. Right from the homepage, the website sends positive vibes to the visitor. Currency Deposist fee Fiesta Five fee; double bottom reversal. Our BTC doubler website give a best opportunity to multiply your coins value Gewinne auf Wallet auszahlen. View Btc Doublers profile Crazy Factory Erfahrungen LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from.
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Bitcoin to dollar. Wie öffnen Sie ein WebMoney bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin par le doublement de la complexité. Graph of bitcoin Le programme des cryptes. Sponsoren webmoney und bitcoin. Meilleurs The script bitcoin doubler free download. Download the program for automatic collecting of bitcoins. Bitcoin façons de gagner de. Casino Fortuna Jack bitcoin. Claim your btc. Les doubleurs bitcoin examens. Programme de collecteur de bitcoins télécharger. Comment retirer des bitcoins de change WebMoney. Ripple free. Skript HYIP bitcoin doubler. Program to generate bitcoins in Russian. Litecoin in usd. Comment retirer des bitcoins de change WebMoney. Ripple free. Skript HYIP bitcoin doubler. Program to generate bitcoins in Russian. Litecoin in usd.

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Best Way to Double your BITCOIN CASH IN 5 MINUTES Now if everyone who visited Winners Club Morongo Casino gave me a buck…. Shelley Elmblad was a personal finance software expert for The Balance, and has experience researching and teaching savings strategies over 20 years. They are down because I complained to Yahoo Abuse. Spielen.Com Flipper by Scott on June 23, pm. Regretfully I have been telling people that I have a safe and reliable Mybetworld to invest.

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Headquartered in London in , Money Doubler is already becoming the Panam's fastest growing trading company. Generate btc For Free Bitcoin creator it's a best way to earn bitcoins for free. Press release content. All new investors who want to trade with Bitcoin Evolution will be informed about the protocols to manage their financial investment. They will get you. You will get a lot of big problems with PayPal! Abenteuerspiele Online Kostenlos those are optional…? I now loathe Paypal and boycott their services because of the nonexistant protection against situations like Main Event Wsop. Anyone knows something about bucks-internet. I believe, he is just monitoring your site and infiltrating it, for leverage. Comment by Tam on December 18, pm. They actually did credit my Paypal before I sent them e-gold. Thank GOD I read all these posts. How about this for a little pay-back.

Money Doubler Programs Die Beschreibung von Money Doubler - Double Your Money & Become Rich

Wir bieten Lottospielern die Chance. Tuesday, 13 October This proposal would be interesting not only for beginners of cryptocurrency operation, but also for experienced online investors. According to some of the remarks written by experienced traders on Klinikum Aschaffe site, they are surprised that many people are still struggling Spiele Englisch Lernen earn a living financially when options such as Bitcoin Evolution exists to change the lives of many users. Invest today and generate double! The latest Tweets from Edward Morra edwardmorrabtc. This is a great time for more automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Evolution to Games House Deutsch introduced into the market. Klick Management Spiele Deutsch development team managing Bitcoin Evolution has confirmed that the payment and withdrawal platforms on the site have been enhanced to process transactions in seconds. Anleger erzielen steuerpflichtige Gewinne. View Btc Doublers profile on LinkedIn, Roll The Dice Online world's largest professional community. Are you interested in an investment where you can't lose, Max 2 BTC Click on Generate COPY the generated address hyip script, zarfund clone script, btc doubler script, hyip lister script, Netent Casino Neu ads clicking script, youtube clone script, news agency. Cryptotrader, investor, blockchain enthusiast Don't sleep on the biggest wealth redistribution in. Otherwise, many users are happy to watch the trading robot do all the work. If this is correct, then Transfermarkt Union Berlin creators of Bitcoin Evolution may have released what can be the most sustainable source of income from the cryptocurrency market. Here are the Casino Roulett Regeln benefits as at today, please note that these benefits have been confirmed by active users who claim to trade with Bitcoin Evolution every dayhowever, nothing is certain because the crypto market is known to be Metro Play unpredictable. Estatuto em todos os monitores, resultados do trabalho. Money Doubler Programs is fast way to earn bitcoins from just little invest. Posts Tagged double spending BTC You will be essentially double spending your Bitcoins, but the second transaction you initiate will cancel out the. Sie knnen Ihre Profite direkt auf Ihr eigenes. Money Doubler Programs Right from the homepage, the website sends positive vibes to the visitor. Double your bitcoins when you investing in bitcoin investments website. During live trades, the best deals can be quickly secured. Ok I Agree Learn More. The BTC just did a little head fake regarding the previous top and is not correcting a little: We Sim Slots really to break the line that I traced on the double TOP if we don't want see a. Anleger erzielen steuerpflichtige Gewinne. Da du keinen Gewinn ber im Jahr gemacht hast, musst du auch nichts angeben. Double BTC, bitcoindouble, bitcoindouble, double your bitcoins, how to double bitcoins, bitcoin double, Double your bitcoins in just 3 hours. Beliebte Apps in den letzten 24 Stunden. Unfortunately, poor customer service can Wetten Du Musst Lachen Money Doubler Programs to lose good trading opportunities and money. Buy bitcoin doubler website templates to make your outlook of the business Little Alkemy mighty. DE Double your bitcoins in a few clicks! Continue reading Video Hot Online opportunities to double your bitcoins. Press release content. Using modern methods of doing business and a personal approach to each client, we offer a unique investment model to people who want to use Tombola Bingo not only as a method of payment, but also as a reliable source of stable income.

If they fail to protect the security of their customers credit cards and bank accounts it becomes the cost of doing business as a middle man.

The people entering into a trade for what they believe is a real business opportunity are being punished for ignorance. I have cut ties with dblcash.

What the hell is that? I do believe paypal and e-gold are responsible for the loss, not you, not me. As far as Paypal; Let them freeze away.

Thanks again. First they said that the person who sent the money was trying to do a funds reversal dispute. Then they said they are looking into the funds that were sent to me as to whether or not they were legit.

Which is it? Did the person who sent the money file a dispute or were the funds no good? Very fishing on paypals part. I had the same answers from Paypal as well.

I actually spoke to one person who sent money to my account via dblcash. They wanted to know why this happened and I explained what I was involved in and what might be happening that others are hacking into Paypal accounts to pay their investors.

I quickly refunded this persons money and we both feel Paypal is not a safe place to do business. Hi guys, Thanks for the information above about investment programs.

I was just going to invest in one of those programs. Just would like to say that Look at this website and tell me that. He also has given his e-mail address.

They pay directly to your egold account, which is the safest online currency available and there is no risk of a charge-back. They could fold at any time and run with your money.

Just be cautious and if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. Scammer websites are usually cheaply made set-up very quick so stay away from those all together.

Hope this helps. Be very careful. Yup, they got me too. It was one of the few programs that seemed to work within the time frame advertised, and the amount advertised.

Do I now have any course of action legal to get my money back, or am I up a creek? Paypal just knows that you received money from stolen accounts.

E-gold will probably close the accounts, but the scammers will just open new ones. Im okay financially, but would love to be able to invest and get a profit… deidre.

I think we all want to find a way to get a little extra money, but this is not the way to do it. Let tell you people one thing that money is not stolen it them acting to be the victim and they just call paypal and told paypal that thre money had been stolen it how hackers make a clean getway so that way no one thinks its them.

I know what I am talking I was a hacker just like these guys only I was a lot better before I went to jail for hacking. I have actually figured out what they are doing and how they can continue to get away with it.

For security purposes, I will not post it here, but feel free to email me and I will tell you. They have appeared again!

I recently came across the Percent website, please e-mail me and let me know what exactly these people are doin and how they are getting away with it.

Actually, they are not using fraudulent funds. Rather, they are running a very elaborate and very sneaky scam. You may have to wait a bit longer 12 days but it is better than having your money scammed from you.

One thing to note Brendan is that this scam has been operating for over a year now. This is the 4th domain name that they have used. The liagold site appears to be a typical HYIP site:.

Group of Forex investors, yada yada yada… Investments are the only way to go, blah blah blah…. Similar program and similar returns. If it is them, it will stop paying in a month or two.

Well, I invested and got my money. Thanks for the infor. Wish I would found you guys before I started.

On another note, I invested in double-bank. They were supposed to send me payment directly to my egold account and I never received anything.

I use them now and they are pretty decent. Then, use their compounding option to increase your principle. Then, I removed the compounding and now I make a decent amount per day off the interest.

Actually, we are both wrong on the times. Be sure, Alex, before you post that you too make sure that you are correct. Syncinvest has been online since December 3, Thus, about a year and 4 months.

The time that you are referring too is the time in which they started using Monitoring, not the time that started out.

A lot of sites that get into the HYIP thing do not actually use monitoring agents until afterwards. But, nonetheless, there is no need to argue about Syncinvest as they are not the topic of this post.

I would like to know your experience? I invested in lia-gold when they first started out. I realize now that it is most likely a ponzi, and apologize for the recommendation.

Dear Mr Anonymous I cant help but think that you are a fake and that you are runing this scams or know the people who are runing this scams becuase I cant see why it is that you want to be anonymous if you are on our side and trying to let people know about this scams then why is it that you call your self anonymous because if I can tell you who I am even if it is Illagel for me to even thouch a PC then I think that anyone can tell us who they are after I got out of jail for hacking, I can not thouch a PC for three year if I do and someone finds out I go back to jail so if I can tell people who I am then so can anyone who post anything on this web site.

PS to my last comment If I where you guys I would not lisen to anymore the MR Anonymous has to say it is clean to me that he is somehow working with these scams.

Mike: Kindly make one comment please. I just go by the name, Anonymous. Further, I have no dealings with any of the scams you talk about.

Further, if you read up a bit, you will see that I list my email address where you can contact me directly and I can explain to you how most of the scams out there work.

The reason I know the stuff is because I was a victim of most of them. I was screwed over by double-hourly before it was called Double-hourly.

As for why I use the term Anonymous versus my name, I actually posted here under my own name. But, I am a pretty experienced with computers, paypal and fraud in general.

My two cents is worth something here. I was brought to this site because I too wanted to see if many people invested in this.

I was shocked that more than 1 person did. Anyhow, I wanted to know how it worked, so I investigated. Well basically, what thesee nigerians do is they phish paypal accounts.

Well, paypal will do a chargeback to them before they can withdraw the funds. So in the end, the investor is basically just the tool that allows the nigerians to withdraw some of the stolen money that they get from phishing paypal accounts.

It is a fairly clever scheme, and even more clever because they appear to pay you, and you can continue to invest money… : well anyhow, I hope this helps you guys understand how these filthy people work.

Have a nice day. Oh yeah, and looking up above. Another fellow made the point that they do have awful grammar.

They are better than most however, but still before investing in something so suspicious, I would at least make sure that they know english.

I hope I was able to explain to you how it worked, because that is what intrigued me the most here, and by the way it is a clever scam. Rather, they are actually in control of the accounts that send the money.

Send me an email to lawlcom safe-mail. First of all, thanks to all those that posted giving the rest of us the knowledge necessary to avoid sinking our hard earned money into such worthless schemes.

Next, it is clear by the of posts here how many of us want essentially the same thing. Why do we depend on others to come up with the ideas, er scams, feed into them and then spend hours talking about them?

I believe there is a great amount of intelligence amongst us. I also believe that most of us live our lives ethically and morally.

We just need to get outside the box. We have to be willing to get organized somehow as well. As an example, could we all invest a small amount of money creating a large sum and invest it somehow???

Just a thought. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts? Check it out. I was a victim of percent. So in an effort to recover my losses, I search the net vigorously everyday in hopes of finding something worthwhile.

And I just recently came across this site. They are claiming to double my money so it fits with this thread. Apparently they used to be maybe still are?

Something else a little fishy is if you look closely, the site is using Angelfire to host the site the domain name is just a redirect.

Thank you. If you want some real info about them, just email me at lawlcom safe-mail. I was writing in regards to 30min. I have done several transactions with them.

Tonya, I also just tried the 30min. I have found out what is going on though. My first transaction completed last night and everything was fine till I got an email today from PayPal telling me that the funds were on hold because the sender of the money said they did not autorize it.

At first I thought oh oh, they are hacking into innocent peoples PayPal accounts and sending me money out of them to pay me back.

Actually, the accounts that they send you the money from are their own. Well so far that seems to be what is going on, but who knows. Also, have you noticed that they changed their e-gold account number today?

Let me know if you get contacted by PayPal, my email is drivingreens hotmail. Hi reg, I just send you a e-mail,I also opened a account today, and now I am concerned, I even didnt start to invest, and I came across this website.

E-Gold now says they are monoriting the site and shutting down the accounts as they change them, we will see how long that lasts, I have also informed PayPal security and they were thankful I brought it to their attention, apparently they just reverse the transaction instead of trying to find the scam artist.

PayPal does not protect you, they will take that money from you. I did too many transaction with them and they were all reversed later. I now loathe Paypal and boycott their services because of the nonexistant protection against situations like this.

Sorry for the rant, and off topicness, but Paypal sucks. Hi, I want to thank everybody at this website for their ongoing support and knowledge of what is going on and having it put on here.

Ok after going through the site I was sold, for a minute there I thought I was rich. And went throught there steps and all that, opened an e-gold account.

Well to make the long story short after that I had to wait of course for the money to be deposited on my e-gold account and that could have taken 3 days.

So in the mean time I was looking up this thing, and trying to find some dirt on it, like a muckraker of the 21st century.

After I finished reading this site all 90 posts of it, I immediately canceled my order of e-gold. Now looking at everything is kind of logic to understand this was a scam all along.

It seems like these people are not going anywhere, because they keep re-appearing. Anyways, thanks to all of you! Lets keep others from making the mistake.

I am 3, miles away on the east coast. I have his apartment building on satillite so his address is a real one. What is telling me that it is the real person is I found an email address of his that is not something that was made up by someone else, this is because of the length of it and the way it was written.

It also has a suffix on it which would make him actually Michael Rogers Jr. Another thing, PayPal and E-Gold security departments must take the weekends off and so does the FBI, I have been trying to get an agent from the local office to call me back and I just keep waiting so I might have to wait until Monday.

If I bug and annoy them long enough they will eventually do something. If someone were willing to go over there and then call the police then that would work.

You would have to really create havoc though. They will probably tell you that they will tell a detective. Then he will probably run.

Hopefully Monday I can get something done. Instead of an big organization like PayPal going after this guy they need one guy like me to do it for them.

That is pitiful. Speaking of paypal, anyone know the ultimate consequences of having a negative balance?

At first paypal just says to please make it positive again, blah, blah…. Please send full payment to PayPal within one week of this letter by adding funds to your PayPal account according to the instructions below.

If we do not receive payment, we will be entitled to file a lawsuit against you for collection of the debt.

It is also possible that we will refer the matter to an independent collection agency so that they may pursue the debt on our behalf. Can they do this?

Anyone here know any lawyers that could help me out or confirm paypal actions? Thanks in advance again…. They gave me days to pay or they will close the account.

They might have a bill collector start calling you. That is just my thoughts. Thank GOD I read all these posts. I was showing my husband the 30min.

He seemed interested but I noted the website name was nowhere to be found. And the fact you could only email them seemed fishy as well.

I have invested nothing, as I chose to investigate it further. As far as Paypal is concerned, if you do not pay your negative balance within days, they will send the balance to NCO Financial, their in house bill collector.

I would higher a lawyer to defend you with this as well. Further, if they attempt to put it on your credit report, you have the legal right to dispute it and, since you are the victim, would most likely have it removed.

Each time they register a new domain, the search the residential white pages for a new name and use it to register the domain. Since registration details on domain names are not verified, anyone can do that.

Most of the scammers in the ring are located on the east coast. Scammers outside of the country never use American-based time.

Rather, they use GMT. In one email conversation I had with them, they wrote that they send all of their prepayments at around pm EST.

I still have that email from them. When I traced the email message, it went back to an open proxy located on the west coast. However, I was able to obtain a cacheflow log off of the proxy server the server was just a simple open proxy with NO security , I traced it back to the east coast.

However, the ISP being used was a prepaid dialup number so there was no way to get a physical location.

Just noticed today that 30min. They are down because I complained to Yahoo Abuse. As soon as I did that it took some hours and then they took it down.

Now I have got information that they were operating out of Eastern Europe, probably using a stolen credit card.

Not sure but if it is true it stinks. Some are located in the US, some are located over seas. If they were, they would have been caught by now.

I was trying to find 30min. Any ideas what I can now do with a small amount of e-gold? Are there any legit sites to invest a small amount in or do they all require a larger sum?

Kim, I have a few places that I am investing in right now. If you or anyone is interested I can give you the links.

Just email me at kumkwatz hotmail. You can view the sites and then decide for yourself if you want to invest or not. So far, they have been paying for over a month.

They have come back before and I hope they come back again this time. If there are any serious big bucks investors, I also have a contact that can set you up with a proven autotrader.

A recent CIA fact for Dominica: transshipment point for narcotics bound for the US and Europe; minor cannabis producer; anti-money-laundering enforcement is weak, making the country particularly vulnerable to money laundering.

Havent seen this site in a while. Can anyone please tell me their new site? Also, can you guys tell me what they classify their paypal purchases as…ie good, services or whatever, and if they include any additional comments towards the payments…thanks.

Regards, Matt Clark. Do you mean goods? And also, when they send the money, they sent me 4. As to new sites i think percent.

This site is awesome. You guys saved me from a lot of heart break. I tried that 30min. Now I have all this e-gold and nothing to do with it.

I just want to be able to make a little extra money to pay some bills. I am glad that I saw this site and saw all the scams that are out there.

Heres what e-gold had to say: We have investigated and placed a value limit on all accounts associated with 30min.

Unfortunately we will not be able to refund your money because all e-gold spends are final and not reversible as stated in the e-gold account user agreement.

You might want to consider obtaining some combination of help from a legal professional or law enforcement to obtain a court order or subpoena, if the size of your loss warrants expenditure of your resources time and money to resolve.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your service request. Transaction Date: Jun. Even though your transaction was not covered under our Seller Protection Policy, this does not stop you from seeking recovery for your lost funds.

The IFCC will review and evaluate complaints so that information can be referred to the appropriate local, state, or federal agency. Every complaint that is referred by the IFCC is sent to one or more law enforcement or regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the report.

You can file a complaint with the IFCC at:. In the future, you can protect yourself against fraudulent transactions by following the conditions of our Seller Protection Policy.

Those things, what did they classify the money as. When you send money you must describe it. Did they leave the desciptional comments blank? Cuz those are optional…?

Honestly the percent. Do Not Be Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother wrote that last post he was on my computer when I was out.

He got scammed too. So you could see the frustration. This guy at first seems to be one guy and then it turns out to be two guys stealing your money.

It was a result of this percent. If you have a negative balance in Paypal and do not pay it within days, they forward to their in-house collection agency.

You can then dispute it and force them to verify that you in fact owe them money. To help you with those hyip sites, you can check with some of the following hyip review sites.

I am investing in some also, email me if you wanna know which programs I am in. Ive never seen any of those HYIP sites, so i cant tell you if they are good or not.

I wouldnt invest in anything, unless they can show you proof of payment like studiotraffic. They show their checks and other payments from studiotraffic on the site.

I got this from another forum and it says it all, also anyone can show proof of payment these days without paying anyone.

The scammers know that. There are certain indications that are usually typical for scams. In the case of StudioTraffic. The lack of proper contact information Reputable companies do not conceal their real address, phone and fax numbers.

Scam companies do this, and so does also StudioTraffic. Their address is not listed anywhere on their website. I have checked for the owner of their domain name, and the result is most suspicious.

This is one of the anonymizer services spammers and scammers use to avoid being traced by their victims. A reputable company just does not have any reason to hide their face.

I have no doubt that they are professional spammers who regularly advertise obscure scam companies, using anonymous and easily replacable Yahoo and Hotmail e-mail accounts.

A reputable company does not use such means of advertising their services. I have had a look at the FAQs — and there is not the slightest guarantee that you will ever earn notable amounts of money after having signed up with them.

Discrepancy between claims and reality I have found virtually thousands of sites, forum postings and Usenet postings that enthusiastically praise StudioTraffic — allegedly by users, but the word choice looks amazingly similar in many cases, down to identical phrases.

But there are not many postings of people who have actually earned noteworthy amounts, although one should assume that the huge number of enthusiastic users must be proud of their easy money and tell the world how much they earned.

Much advertising disguised as customer opinions, but very few manifest cases of success — highly suspicious. My conclusion: Be cautious.

StudioTraffic demand money without ensuring earnings, use questionable ways of advertising, and hide their identitiy and location behind an anonymizing service.

That is not the behaviour of a respectable company. Even if they are reputable, their behaviour disqualifies them. I advise against signing up with them.

Be VERY weary about any site that has that at the end of the link. I just realized that 2 of the sites that I had spend to have this ref Ironically, if you pay some sort of attention when visiting these sites, you should notice something they all seem to have in common.

Not that mine is of Harvard standards, but just lots of common sense mistakes. Not a good thing. When you try to go to the site, you are redirected to the flowers site.

You are right about the poor grammer, any site that is dealing with these kind of funds should have atleast a proof reader or something.

Hello there! I would like to know how to shut them down from e-gold account and any other way to get information on them would help thanks.

I still have the Belinda: Reread all the comments before yours before you invest another dime. I was going to say that they are back, but someone has already posted the info.

I actually had gotten an egold account and had made an order for a purchase of egold this morning and was probalby hours away from investing.

Thank you so much everyone!!!!! I will not be scammed this time. Has anyone had any experience with canceling an egold order.

I came across these postings by chance when doing a Google search! Really interesting reading! You may be interested in a safe reliable investment site.

You can only join by private invitation. There are various options with your investments. VERY professional! Cheers everyone.

E-Gold is getting a daily abuse report and limiting the accounts when they open them. All the companies have been notified of the scam. This is the same thing that was done to get 30min.

When they try it again post thier url here and they will be shut down again. Unfortunately they steal and get away with it and enjoy the stolen cash and the good honest people have to waste thier time and money over and over again to stop them.

My paypal is currently at a zero balance. Is paypal able to reverse funds from my actual bank acount or just from their acounts?

Also if paypal is this sloppy I am now concerned about the safety of my bank account. I think I will close it and reopen another asap.

Close your account. Then you should be reversed very soon. They have a in house bill collector that will be calling you. They have stolen your 2, plus you will have to pay paypal back the money the scammers sent you.

This makes me sick!!!! How about this for a little pay-back. The qmoney. They actually did credit my Paypal before I sent them e-gold.

Can paypal legally persue collection of this money? The people they are stealing from are the ones who find out their account has been hacked and tell paypal so no matter what you do it will come back to you.

Look at it this way: 1. You are not paying them from a paypal account. You are putting money into an e-gold account which cannot be reversed, once you send the money it is gone.

They will send you money upfront hoping that you will send them the money from your e-gold account. Paypal has a limit on withdrawls per day, week ,and month I believe and the upfront money they send you will still have to be paid back by you.

It is a lose, lose situation. The upfront money and the threat of prosecution is just really a ruse to make you believe they are legit, it just something to lure you into sending them your money.

When you sign up for paypal you make an agreement with them and that is what they go by to guard themselves and come after you.

I think all they can really do is harass me into paying the money. I refuse to pay the full ammount back. The problem is that you recieved stolen cash that was taken from a members account.

PayPal will not care what you lost, they already replaced the money in the members account. I would also add that I could be wrong, but there is a greater chance that I am correct.

Well I think they are back again — thank god I found this website, before I thought about doing any business with them.

I think that company uses the highest paid subscription to angelfire there is. Anyways, back on to my glory story i like to call it. Ok, so riskfreeinvest sent me money.

And then I found this site, lol. I called paypal and told them and they told me to refund the money. They told me that riskfreeinvest. They also told me to run a virus scan to make sure there wasnt anything recording my paypal account password.

I actually am one of the many PayPal users whose account was hacked somehow… So I can confirm that these frauds are stealing money from others to send to those who are sending them money.

I had to look under all activity. So somebody is trying to buy time while these funds clear. Best of luck to everyone. Paypal did reverse the charges and did send my money back.

Keep posting their new sites. I think that education is one of the best ways that we as citizens and consumers can stop scams, and reporting ones that we see to the authorities who can arrest people and shut things down that way.

They have taken my egold and are not replying to my email. Any idea on how to get my funds back???

If my husband did this and the money is in his paypal account; should he just contact PayPAL. If they find that it came from a stolen Paypal account and reverse it then can the so called person who stole it and put it there reverse it also and then he is in the nagative????

When I initially invest will I have to wait 30 days for my money to double? They do this to stop Credit Card Fraud, to stop chargebacks, among other illegal activites.

When your account gains interest, they do NOT touch that. I have a question, reguarding the stormpay and asotinc. Yes i have read all of your comments i found this intresting i found a way to stop the scammers what u do u make a ghost account u send them ur ect ect dollars and they wud send u ur etc etc back then you send that extra dollars into your main paypal account and you could repeat the process.

All in all you need 2 paypal accounts one with just your credit card to receive the money from the scammer and then with the money you got from scaming them you send into your main paypal account which has your bank account on it!!!

Another tip dont do this at home do this at your local library or they could get your I. P adress and track your a— down :P feel free to add me on msn-joyin04 aol.

If you do that you are not scamming the scammer. The scammer already has your money, which is thier goal. You would be stealing the stolen money that you got from the scammer.

I was thinking about investing in one of these programs, and I am curious if anybody has used them before or has had any kind of experience with them.

Any help would be welcomed. Well, first off, there is no need to be a member of the BBB. The BBB is just the middle man between problems with the consumer and the company.

But what you just asked is exactly what they do. When your money matures, you have the option of reinvesting it all, or withdrawing it to your bank.

Now the reason they use PaySwiss, is because would you rather wait a week to get your money, or just a few minutes? This info has been very enlightening.

Excellent info. I was just wondering if anyone else has invested any money with asotinc. I am going to invest money with there company, but want to be sure that they are not like the other companys that you have been talking about.

Please let me know. E-Gold was shutting down thier accounts soon as they changed them. Also I have a reliable save place to invest.

Email me at Matty aol. On their home page it states that enough people have to join the program in order for your money to double. Yet they gaurantee it will double every 7 days.

Have you ever had your money not double every seven days? It seems to be the same kind of scam. Thankfully I did not invest anything because I found this website.

Thanks for everyones info! When i emailed them for their passphrase for e-gold to invest with their money they never responded.

Has anyone heard of 12dailypro. Read the terms carefully. Somebody who is registering 14 LLC companies in a year, is either very good or has found away to beat the system.

Just my opinion of course. I invested in Icash. I have still been investing in Icash. I have sent them numerous emails, and I have saved all of them and their replies.

I even video taped myself sitting at my computer for one hour, as my transaction was processed. I think I have some pretty good evidence, if i ever was accused of fraudental activity, that would stand in court.

I have even spoken with my attorney, and he says that if there was a reversal, we could take it to court, and probably win with the evidence i have.

Regretfully I have been telling people that I have a safe and reliable place to invest. Unfortunately the company has been involved in alot of turmoil just in the last week or so.

Did any one of you with Asotinc. I have sent money to AsotPay via Western Union but it still is not in my account. I have also sent emails to the admin of Asot Pay and Asotinc.

Hopefully I should get a positive reply soon. Will keep you guys posted. But I would like to know if anyone else had a similar espereince and what was the outcome.

Regards, Vegshark. I tried ICash. That was several weeks ago. I was about to invest larger sums, but decided to do more research. Found you guys and boy am I glad I did!

Hard to believe people are so dishonest. Hello blogmaster: Could I know why are my posts about Asotinc.

Are you afraid to have any negative comments about them? Are you hand in gloves with them? I have posted comments here but they have been edited.

A guilty conscince pricks the mind? No guts to publish the negative posts eh? Hey blogmaster… sorry about the post!

I was a bit peeved off since the money is not yet in my account and neither my post here… nice to see the post back..

Please accept it. Vegshark: Just for the record, I have nothing to do with any of these sites. If you read the original post I made, it was making fun of a scam that said it could make you the richest person in the world in a mere five days.

Anyone dealing with these folks are asking to lose money. If they really could make the money they claim, why would they be wasting their time handing it out to other people?

Please comment, if the reviews are good i might join!!! They claim to have been around for three years. I had some trouble sending money to Asot-Pay.

So even if these guys are for real, one thing is certain: Professionalism is certainly not their cup of tea! Within the last three weeks apparently they have stolen everybodys money and dissappeared, the site is still there but the admin is nowhere to be found.

Hello, Regarding Post James. Can you leave that much money in an ASOT account? The first time I got a quick response, but from there on out nothing.

I even set up a new email account thinking that maybe they would respond to a different address but still nothing. Also note that I wonder if the James that is posting all this positive feedback here is James Evans if you do a who is of asotinc.

You will also see that the registered address is a trailer park lot If anybody has any positive or negative feedback on asotinc.

Well, the site is down, but there are many hyips like this now. This post has the 2nd most comments of all other posts on this blog and may soon beat the other one which has at the moment.

It has become far more popular than I anticipated, but I guess that happens when you get the 2 spot for double your money on Google.

Now if everyone who visited just gave me a buck…. In about two years or less asot will be opening real local banks in some states.

I found a business that is not a scam and is not an investment site. There is a This is a USA based business. It is by private invite only.

Email me at matty aol. A few years ago, I invested some money to money-page. I got paid what they promised in their home page. Since I was soooo excited about the program, I kept reinvesting the fund from my paypal account.

And it did not take too long to get to that point. However, like many others, all the funds got reversed by paypal.

They want us to deposit from e-gold accounts only. However, they only get paid into their e-gold account from our e-gold accounts.

But they want to use our innocent greedy victims accounts. This People money-page. Who can do that? I wonder if paypal or E-gold are part of the business.

Why e-gold does not check and clarify their back ground who try to open their accounts. They should be able to limit on how many accounts they can open, or, at least they should be able to track down thru their account number.

They might be some kind of a very top person who can control everything. Just like there are som honest and good police men, but there are some who use their authority to do bad things.

It could well be that some body who works in paypal, or e-gold, or both together might be part of the scam.

You just never know. Especially, e-gold needs to be more strict about the rules, or, at least, they should be able to listen to the victims and let them us claim for the reversal of the funds just like Paypal.

But if e-gold does not do anything about it and let the ciminals do whatever they want, then pretty soon nobody might be able to use anytypes of internet money related accounts.

I almost want to file a class action law sue. This man is also the registered agent of Stormpay. Interestingly, these two men are also neighbors.

This is where John lives. He also owns and Shadowbend both plots of land. According to google maps: Map Link, they live ft apart; it takes about 4 seconds to get from one house to the other.

Who owns Golf Club Lane you ask? This 2 story, 6, sq ft, 30 office building is owned by John R. Imagine that!

The only difference is the phone number. My question: is it legal to call a business owner at home? Nor is he listed as a member of the Tennesee Bar Association.

Looking back at the Tennesee property records, I looked up S. Doing a search on google tells me I am correct. Want to see a picture of Steven Girsky?

The company has responded to each complaint presented by BBB. However, the company has not eliminated the pattern of complaint. YTD , the company has received 8 complaints; in , the company received 49 complaints; in , the company received 6 complaints.

In comparison, PayPal has a satisfactory record. The proof is in the pudding folks. You might have to think outside the box a bit though.

All the information provided here is a matter of public record. I have provided the links where you can find the same information for yourself.

Being a web researcher, I know where to look for these kinds of things. I wrote to the newspaper this morning, using the link that was available in a Sports Story.

Here is the email back I just received:. Thank you for your e-mails. Our news department will take this story from here.

Clarksville Speedway wiltamracing aol. Pike County Speedway J. Gasquet Clarksville Speedway gains new name, new sponsorship Deal with StormPay.

A natural association of two enterprises involved in dirt track racing turned into a business alliance Friday when StormPay.

Girsky and speedway owners William and Tammy Scogins began discussions about the business venture two weeks ago.

The speedway is undergoing its most extensive renovation since the Scoginses bought the facility five years ago. Corporate suites and a new media tower are under construction.

Jimmy Trodglen is sports editor and can be reached at jimmytrodglen theleafchronicle. Before StormPay. The two-year deal, with an option for an additional two years, became official when Girsky and speedway owners William and Tammy Scogin made the venture officially known Friday.

With StormPay. With this major sponsorship endeavor, the Clarksville StormPay. The new Clarksville StormPay. Other renovations to the track facility include replacing the fence alongside the road in front of the track, in addition to building a new entrance and new signs.

It was Purvis who tipped StormPay. Jimmy Trodglen is sports editor and can be reached by e-mail at jimmytrodglen theleafchronicle. McConnell, Jr.

TymGlobal operates an internet website which is registered to StormPay. The order further states that TymGlobal has not registered any securities offerings with the Division pursuant to Tennessee Securities Act of Nor has the company registered with the Division as a broker-dealer, agent of a broker-dealer or investment adviser.

Also, the respondent StormPay has not registered any securities offerings with the Division nor has the company registered with the Division as a broker-dealer, agent of a broker-dealer, or investment adviser.

John R. Potential investors were given the opportunity to invest in both partnership shares as TymGlobal as well as to participate in various Ponzi schemes.

Respondents promised a high return. The offering of participation in the schemes sold by the respondents is an investment contract and thus, a security under the act.

McConnell, Jr to cease and desist the conduct of a broker-dealer in the state of Tennessee until such time as it effectively registers with the Division.

The order did not intend to prohibit lawful conduct of the respondents. I have read with great interest of how to make money without trying or working for that matter.

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